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Gaiden-G is a Roguelike Action RPG, with semi-side scrolling elements. The game is about a ninja named Hondo, whose prized possession has been stolen from his home in the ninja village, while he was on a mission. In his search to find that which was taken (I'm not going to say what, it's a secret), his search places him in front of the dark castle hokosuni (ho-ko-SUE-Nee), the home of his former employer, lord Gitang (Gee-tan), and his deadly "9 demons" gang. Not knowing what new dangers await him, Hondo must travel through the many levels of the castle's interior, to reclaim that which was taken from him. His strength is fueled by anger, his guide is sweet revenge, and he shall not be denied giving those who wronged him the bitter taste of death.

Intense, yes?

This game demo was made in 20 days, using the trial version of RPG Maker MV game engine. At this time, I CANNOT finish this version of the game or make any changes to the Demo until I get the full version of the game engine.

Until then, enjoy the demo, and spread the word.


Install instructions


Extract the Zip file to a location of your choosing.

To start the game, double click game.exe file.


Gaiden G Demo.zip 359 MB

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